Frank Flammer

As founder-owner of the Maschinenkanzlei I can vouch that my team and I provide professional, substantiated, effective and efficient solutions for demanding clients. We draw upon years of experience with claims and judicial proceedings based on our activity in the forensic field, as well as my participation in various committees.

Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig

Publicly appointed and sworn in as an official expert by the IHK Hanover

Internationally certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 by EURO-ZERT

Consulting Engineer of the Chamber of Engineers, Hanover

Professional Career

  1. 1994 - 1999: Industrial activities as project manager and department manager for international companies with focus on:
    1. Technical calculations & analyses
    2. Damage analyses
    3. Research & development
  2. 1999: Foundation of expert’s office, since then self-employed consultant
  3. 2002: Publicly appointed and sworn in as an official expert for "analysis of causes of damage of machines and their components"
  4. 2005: International certification according to EN ISO/IEC 17024:2003 for „machinery and plants, structural mechanics and structural dynamics”.
  5. 2005: Board member "Team of German Engineering Experts"
  6. 2006: Appointment to Swiss Judicial Expert
  7. 2006: Member of the Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Judicial Experts;
  8. 2008: Member of experts committee of the IHK Hanover
  9. 2009: Extension of the public appointment and swearing in as expert for „analysis of causes of damage, vibration control and durability of machines and their components
  10. 2010: Admission to the specialist committee "Machine assessment and machines" to assess expertise of specialist applicants
  11. 2012: Consulting Engineer for the Chamber of Engineers Lower Saxony
  12. 2017: International certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 for " machinery and plants and their evaluation, structural mechanics and structural dynamics"